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Chimney Sweep Edinburgh

We like to think we provide a professional and reliable chimney cleaning service to the Edinburgh, Lothian and border region for both residental and commercial properties. For hundreds of years it has been recognised that chimneys should be swept on a regular basis. We can sweep open fires, chimneys, wood burning stoves, flues, stoves, Rayburns and most types of solid fuel appliances.

Chimneys should be swept at least once a year and possibly more often for some types of fuel to reduce the risk of fire inside the flue and also for safety reasons, to prevent carbon monoxide, smoke and gases from entering.

Chimney sweep Lothian and Borders

The benefits of regular sweeping are:
a)   fuel efficiency, more heat output and cost savings
b)  ensuring the safe removal of fumes
c)  reduction in the occurence of chimney and flue fires
d)  removal of birds nests and other debris that can cause the build-up of harmful fumes

For those burning domestic bituminous coal, chimneys should be swept twice a year and those burning wood should be swept quarterly when used. Insurance companies can take exception to claims for chimney fires when insufficient care or regular maintenance has not been applied.

What are the advantages of getting your chimney swept?

Regular sweeping of your chimney will reduce the buid-up of soot and creasote and therefore minimise the risk of soot falls, chimnney fires and blockages. Any obstructions or building debris or even leaves will be removed.

Chimney Sweep Edinburgh

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